We at F&J Exports provide a domestic and export service for recycled metal grades to foundry and agents globally. Our products are of high automotive specifications, meaning the yield on our ferrous and non-ferrous stock suits the automotive component industry.

Our current clientele maintain a long standing contract with us, for the continual supply of various grades for the production of aluminium ingots and Cast iron products. The quality of our material is evident by the repeat loads to regular customers, who trust the consistency of our materials.

The facilities at our yard allow us to load 20ft and 40ft containers, with a fully operational weighbridge. This ensures quick and easy loading times,  adding to the efficiencies of your logistics and planning.

Please enquire via our contact form for more information of quantities and pricing. Our prices reflect our quality and can be provided Ex Works or CNF to the port of your destination.


Ferrous Metal

We purchase and supply the followings grades to Domestic and International foundries:

  • Cylinder Cast Iron
  • Scrap Car Engines
  • Scrap Commercial Engines
  • HMS 1/2
  • OA
  • OA Plate and Girder
  • Steel Punchings
  • Steel Mill Cooling Scrap

Non Ferrous Metal

We purchase and supply the following grades of Non-Ferrous Metals Domestic and International foundries:

  • Irony Aluminium Automotive
  • Specified Aluminium Ingots (LM24, DIN226 Etc.)
  • Aluminium Sows
  • Shredded Aluminium Cast Automotive Spec (100% Al.)
  • Brass Copper Radiators
  • Household/low grade copper cable
  • Mixed Cast Aluminium


Recycled Engines – Rip-Outs

Our core business is providing spare parts for commercial and general vehicle engines. Therefore, we are stockists of recycled engines in large quantity both Cast Engines and Aluminium Engines (Complete with gearboxes)

We advise all clients to view stock prior to placing an order and to discuss quality and non-ferrous recovery options.

Our engines are separated to ensure the best quality can be obtained for each load provided.









Recycled Starters and Alternators

Our business involves in handling and dismantling vehicle engines for the spare parts and core. We have a great ability to dismantle parts from all types of engines in large quantities, therefore, we have a good stock of scrap Starters and Alternators. These are mainly Copper (Cu) coil with a secondary aluminium (AL) content, with a small percentage of plastic.

We advise all clients to view stock prior to placing an order and to discuss quality and non-ferrous recovery options.

Starters and Alternators DEC 13  (1) (1500x1000)