Part Summary

IMG-20121128-00167 Manual 1260 (2)

Year: 2001>

Fuel: Diesel

Type/Ref: 1260

Manufacturer: DAF

Part: Camshafts

Additional Information


DAF 1260 Electronic and Manual Pump engines – Used DAF Engines Sale

Used DAF Engines Sale – 1260 XF85/95 – We stock good condition engines free of damage at exceptional prices. We pride ourselves on the quality of the engines which are perfect for export and UK based customers.

Wide Stock of Complete engines in good condition

Full range of parts available

Complete Engine

Cylinder Block

Cylinder Heads


Con Rods


Cam Shafts

(enquire for ancillaries)

TEL +44(0)1384 213366


Photographs in more detail are available by request, please send us an email outlining your detailed enquiry.

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